18 Aug 2015

August 2015 (2)

Its still winter here in Melbourne, and colder than usual, but in 2 weeks to the day it will be spring.  My flowering plants already know this, and are making preparations for the warmer weather to come.  My apricot tree is the first of my fruiting trees to come into blossom, and a welcome sight it is.

This nasturtium has survived the winter although it was knocked about a bit by frost earlier in the month.  Its a beautiful plant and it is edible.  I eat the peppery/sweet leaves to help me with digestion, and they work well.

This Hebe loves the cooler weather.  Its a handsome plant and the flowers are a delight.  Great to have it around this time of year, and I think I will take some cuttings again this year.

Another winter flowering favourite, hellebore flower all winter and are as tough as boot leather.  They grow under the canopy of deciduous trees and thrive in partial shade.  I have recently planted a lemon coloured variety and a white and pink variety to add to my collection of this unusual plant which looks like its used to coping with snow.  (We don't get snow where I live).

They're so generous with their flowers these small cyclamen.  They look great in this bed nested amongst the lush green foliage of spanish bluebell and red clivia.