21 Mar 2017

NOTICE July 2018

My blogs have become rather cumbersome over the years, so for convenience I have restored an old unused blog to manage my data.   This blog "Sustainable Organic Gardening" will be used as a portal to simplify the presentation of my story.  Through this portal, you will still be able to access all my blogs and blogpages

29 Sep 2016

Home Page

Its spring in Melbourne and I thought I would take a few photographs of flowering ornamentals.  These are African Daisies and as tough as old boots, but don't they look great.
Clivia are a striking plant, shade loving and drought tolerant, though they have benefited from our rather cool wet winter this year.
Spanish bluebells grow freely under our Apricot tree.  They contrast well with the Clivia in the background.
This Californian Lilac is sweet smelling and beautiful in spring.  It attracts pollinators more than any other plant in my garden.
I usually give the lawn a top dressing of sieved homemade compost every 3 months, and its due now.  I don't think it needs it yet though, so I'll skip it this time.

31 Aug 2016

September 2016.

Here's a look at what's going on in my garden today.
My Freesias are starting to flower, and this one already fills the courtyard with its buttery-sweet aroma.
If you look carefully you can see a few greenfly on my rose. I washed them off yesterday, but I may have to spray them with Eco-oil to remove them entirely.

I really like this pink Camelia, but I must find a solution to the leaf damage I seem to get every year.
Its been flowering profusely for 3 months, and is still providing me with specimens like this one to enjoy. The bee seems to be enjoying it at least as much as I am.
Similarly, this Hebe has been flowering through most of the winter.

26 Aug 2016

August 2016

Its 9 months since this all organic lawn was layed.  Its still healthy and growing well even though its a summer variety, which is supposed to dislike cold weather.  

Its been top dressed twice (at 3 monthly intervals) with a 9litre bucket full of granulated chicken manure, but I plan to change to sieved homemade compost in future.  

It's spring next week and I have been sowing summer flowers in my propagators.
Just a few days ago, I planted flower, veggie and herb seeds in 2 of my 3 propagators and most of them are already starting to break the surface of the soil.  They include Marigolds(s), Lupins, Coneflower, Nasturtiums(s), Red Salvias(s), Sunflowers(s), King Red Rex Proteas(s) and King Cream Proteas(s), and they will all be planted out in a few weeks.  Those marked with an (s)  are saved seeds.

In my 3rd propagator, I am growing Lavendar, Pink Geranium, Red Geranium, Coleus, Marguerite Daisy and New Guinea Impatiens cuttings taken from plants in my garden. 

Most of the seeds are growing in jiffy (fibre) pots.  (2 seeds in each pot to be thinned to the strongest seeding), but I have also sown batches of seeds in plastic mini pots, and they will need to be transplanted later into more jiffy pots.  This will take up quite a bit of space, so to free up that space I will need to plant out cuttings and early seedlings as soon as possible.