11 Apr 2014

April 2014

This website contains information about some of the ornamental plants I grow in my garden.

I have an organic garden in the outer suburbs of Melbourne Australia.  Our climate is warm temperate with mild winters but subject to fierce heat in summer and occasional droughts.

My main website "Gardening with Ecobeds" introduces a new style of gardening designed to cope with the above challenging environment.

Other websites cover such topics as "Growing Organic Vegetables", "Growing Organic Herbs" and "Controlling Garden Pests".  The full list is shown in the sidebar.

Each website has an ongoing blog, which deals with new events in my garden, but the pages on each website are live and constantly updated as new ideas either work and are adopted or fail and are removed.  

Take a little time to check out my websites.  They are not commercial, and if you can find something helpful, I will be delighted.